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The Value of Analog in a Digital World

I’m certain that none of my kids have ever touched or have even seen a rotary phone (My oldest is 26 years old!)

Aside from what that says about my age, it does speak to how quickly technology changes, especially digital technology. Does anyone remember when your phone had only ONE purpose/function?

I have not buried my head in the sand! Be clear that I’m not pushing back against all the wonderful ways technology advancements have improved our lives. I own and rely on smart phones, computers, digital music formats and the cloud.

However, when it comes to developing opportunities to improve operational efficiency, I’m a believer and advocate of the “old school” analog approach.

Creating sustainable change|    Many consultants, particularly those from larger Brand Name firms, have developed slick, computerized models that promise to deliver improved efficiencies by simply plugging in your data and pushing the ‘ENTER’ button.

Ironically, few of their “experts” ever spent time on a manufacturing plant floor making mistakes and learning from them so they can understand firsthand what works and what doesn’t. Better reality  – born of experience – emerges from of trial and error, in the heat of the moment. This new-found reality, when coupled with a deep understanding of how the business actually works, will drive a successful change initiative throughout your organization.

It’s best to view every need or opportunity to improve as a unique challenge. Take two companies that both make widgets. They each have a different variation of workforce diversity, unique equipment, established company culture, and intricate supply chain systems to manage. There is no substitution for ‘getting your hands dirty’ at all levels of the organization if you truly want to affect and sustain change. The consultant you select should work with you to truly understand what makes your business unique. Together you design a customized solution with your stakeholders that works only for you. In my experience, this is the foundation upon which to create sustainable change.

OpX Partners Announcement | By the end of the summer, OpX Partners will be launching a new program to further illustrate our distinctive way of working with clients. I ask you to keep an eye out for news.

In the meantime, consider what you can learn when you “let your fingers do the walking” – your analog fingers.







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