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Is Your Team Ready to Beat Goliath?

Well, it happened.

Most of us non-hardcore basketball fans can even get excited about March Madness as much as those who track the entire season. And what is it about this college basketball tournament that is so compelling? I contend that unlike any other major college sport, the “little guy” gets a chance. That’s why we watch. Its David vs Goliath in the 21st century! And predictably, Goliath usually wins. Every now and then though, David pulls off an injury before falling in defeat. But last night he won!

In last night’s stunning 10 point win, “David” UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County..I had to look that up) beat “Goliath” University of Virginia. Not by a last second “hail Mary” three-point play but by a resounding 10 points!

How did David win you ask? Teamwork and leadership. The quote I’ve included here is from Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic.

The excerpt says it all.

New head coach Ryan Odom, who inherited the leadership role in 2016 saw a team used to mediocrity. The team performed to their expectations. It wasn’t until he raised those expectations did performance improve. What did he do?

Change the environment to reflect expectations

Establish a winning culture – “live” the expectations daily and walk the walk.

Set targeted improvement – “you’re going to get a little better each day”

Don’t expect miracles – “you’ll be good enough when you’re good enough”

    Celebrate Success – “ came a little bit quicker than we expected”

Do you want to improve your operations or your business?  Take a play out of “David’s” book! Having the talented people with the right leadership and the focus to deliver will make as many improvements to your business as any six-sigma exercise can ever deliver. The solution to improvement is not always a digital one. There is still a place for analog!

I’ve seen this work. I’ve been part of it in industry. It’s a thrilling experience and rewarding emotionally as well as monetarily.

Ask yourself if your team is ready to beat Goliath??

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