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OpX Partners is a trusted partner for companies who want to attack operational inefficiencies. Some clients seek new opportunities to utilize lean manufacturing processes and reduce cost, while others need a solution to strengthen their teams.

Equally, we work with clients who don’t have the experts on staff – or the leadership available – to effectively manage critical projects.

Our functional areas of focus include:

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Operational productivity and efficiency
  • Process transformation
  • Engineering
  • Organizational design and development
  • M&A partnering
  • Health & safety applications

Organizational Accountability

  • “Accountability” is issue for many of our clients. Businesses often lack the discipline and systems to engage and sustain true accountability in the workforce. It’s a challenge that is hard to overcome.

    OpX Partners works with clients to properly define roles and responsibilities across operations. This often requires a combination of developing proper KPIs, conducting individual coaching sessions, hosting effective meetings, as well as creating methods that drive employees to obtain results in a professional manner.

    Utilizing the proven OpX Partners methodology, we work with clients to develop processes that enable managers both the freedom to act, as well as the responsibility to deliver results.

    References available upon request.

  • Process Efficiency

  • It’s an on-going challenge: how does a company continuously find opportunities to ship more product, service more customers and/or reduce operating costs?

    OpX Partners delivers strong results to clients as they look to become more efficient organizations. Our tailored approach incorporates the voices of all the stakeholders in your business. Together we identify tactics and methods to alleviate operational constraints, reduce waste, improve quality output, and importantly develop ways to challenge the cost basis of the business.

    References available upon request.

  • Project Management

  • Completing projects on-time and within budget are essential to a well-run manufacturing organization. Access to talent with strong project management skills within a business plays a pivotal role in implementing change and controlling costs. But all too often, clients view project management as a skill reserved for capital expenditures.

    In truth, smaller projects are equally deserving of the same excellent project management skillsets as larger, capital-intense projects: the efficient completion of small projects often has a big impact on operations. OpX Partners is highly skilled in project management and offers both direct services as well as coaching to our clients.

    References available upon request.

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